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How do you improve your underwater photography?

Schedule a Private Workshop!

We can set up a:

Remote Video Chat    -   Full Day Private Workshop

Or you can watch my video tutorial series at:


Private photo instruction is the best way to learn quickly, since the entire curriculum is based entirely on YOU. I design each course to cover the topics you're most interested in, using a modular curriculum developed over many months leading workshops with hundreds of guests.

I've been leading photo workshops and presenting on underwater photography since 2013 and guarantee you'll be happy with the results from our session. 

Remote Video Chat Workshops

Don't live in California? No worries, we can schedule a video chat workshop with a formal curriculum or as a casual Q&A.

Leaving for a dive trip soon? Private photo lessons are a great way to brush up on skills before packing your bags so that you don't 'waste' the first two days getting back to where you left off on the last trip. We can cover any topic(s) you like during this video chat.

Please email me for pricing.

Private Photo Workshops

These immersive one-on-one workshops are conducted while boat diving California's famous Channel Islands, combining photo instruction with 3 or 4 dives. It's a long day but a very fun day - California diving style! Beach diving workshops are also available.

Please email me for pricing.

Typical Private Workshop Schedule

Prior to Workshop:  We discuss your goals for the workshop and anything specific you would like to learn. We will also review a couple images with aspects you would like to improve.

Night Before:  Review workshop materials for one hour on the boat or nearby restaurant (most divers, including us, sleep on the boat).

Early Morning, as the boat motors out:   Look at some inspiring shots for the day's dives. Great food, maybe see dolphins and whales.

The Dives:  Brent will help point out fun subjects, scenes, and compositions, offering in-water help with exposure, composition and strobe or light positioning. We’ll even do some dive modeling (unless you’re 100% macro of course).

The Surface Intervals:  Review of images, constructive feedback, tips, suggestions, great food.

Late Afternoon, as the boat motors home:  Time to relax and review photos on the camera LCD screen. Maybe a quick jacuzzi after the final dive!

Follow Up:  Skype hour or email feedback on select images from the dive day plus editing suggestions.

What’s Included

- Professional one-on-one photo instruction.

- Accommodation the night before diving (select boat trips only, sleeping on boat).

- Scuba tank and weight belt or soft weight bags.

Not Included

- Your boat ticket, gratuity and travel expenses.

- Brent’s boat ticket (*covered by you).

- Your camera and dive gear. Rentals can be arranged.


Must hold an advanced or higher SCUBA certification with 25+ dives.

Must be comfortable diving in water temps 55-60F with minimum of 7mm wetsuit, hooded vest, gloves.


Camera Settings

General macro and wide-angle settings, settings for specific techniques, subjects and shooting conditions.

Underwater Photography Skills

Macro basics, wide-angle basics, mastering exposure, strobe positioning, focusing, shooting with video lights, underwater video, basic and advanced composition, split-shots and over-unders, close focus wide-angle, sunbursts, supermacro, and much more.

Post-Processing & Workflow

Adobe Lightroom workflow, basic and advanced editing, image reviews, best practices. I study this stuff, seriously.

Image Reviews

Looking for a professional critique on your images? Let's set up an image review that discusses your selected images AND the settings/techniques that would improve them. 

Landscape Photography

A great trip portfolio will have some nice land shots to complement the underwater photos. We can work on long exposures, using filters, basic and advanced composition, sunsets, seascapes, starscapes, timelapses and more.

Email Brent to get started!

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