Brent Durand - Brent Durand

Professional Photographer, Writer, & Digital Content Expert

"Adventure percolates the marrow of our bones."

Brent Durand is a digital content producer and strategist focused on ocean adventure  lifestyle.

Brent's photography has been published in print worldwide, in advertising and across the web in a variety of outdoor industries. He is a regular writer in several magazines and has a reputation for insightful yet simple camera gear reviews. He presents at local dive clubs, writes a popular monthly newsletter full of photo tips and tricks, and publishes written and video tutorials for underwater photographers. Brent has led underwater photo workshops in the Bahamas, California, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

On assignment, Brent has a growing reputation for consistently delivering large volumes of authentic photos, videos and immersive writing with the immediate turnaround necessary for clients in today's fast-paced social media world. His 10-year background in digital media publishing, online advertising and endemic sport marketing helps transform basic assignments into engaging and inspiring media initiatives.

Brent is constantly shooting and sharing his work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Why Brent?

Brent consistently delivers top tier work, offering clients the chance to align their brand with his authentic ocean adventure lifestyle.

Working with Brent goes beyond a traditional assignment or press trip -  his content strategy background helps clients to turn projects into rich collaborations that combine feature stories, sub-stories, behind-the-scenes micro content, scheduled brand messaging storylines, social media takeovers, and much more.

Brent works to integrate sponsors organically into his own social media experiences and is able to leverage industry relationships to expand reach of many campaigns across a vast audience of ocean lovers.

For business inquiries, please email Brent.


Brent has thousands of stock photos available for prints or photo licensing. This includes a large collection of underwater stock photos, landscape, travel, wildlife and adventure photos from around the world. Click Here to begin your search. Email Brent if there's something you're not seeing, as several thousand more stock images are not currently online. 


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