Brent Durand - Brent Durand

Professional Content Expert

- Avid Photographer & Writer -

"Adventure percolates the marrow of our bones."

Brent Durand is passionate about all things outdoors - a collector of stories from a lifetime wondering what's around the next bend in the trail. When not working, you'll often find him roaming the California coastline sharing the occasional photo, video or observation shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Brent's photography has been published in print worldwide, in advertising and across the web in a variety of outdoor industries. He is a regular writer in several magazines and has a reputation for insightful-yet-simple technical articles. His tutorial site features several written and video underwater photo tutorials, including a look at the gear he's currently using. Brent has led underwater photo workshops in the Bahamas, California, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Client portfolios, clips and tear sheets available upon request.

Brent is constantly shooting and sharing his work on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

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Brent has thousands of stock photos available for prints or photo licensing. This includes a large collection of underwater stock photos, landscape, travel, marine life and adventure images from around the world. Click Here to begin your search. Email Brent if there's something you're not seeing, as several thousand more stock images are not currently online. 


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