How to Add a Lightroom Preset - Brent Durand

So, you've just picked up some new Lightroom presets (hopefully including my underwater photography presets), and now it's time to install and start using them.

The process looks complicated at first, but it's as simple as drag-and-drop!

1)  Once Lightroom is open, click Lightroom in the top menu and then Preferences.

2)  Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder. (Ensure that you are in the 2nd tab, Presets).

3)  You will now see a folder hierarchy. Inside of the Lightroom folder you'll see the Develop Presets folder. Inside of this is where you can Right-Click and select Add New Folder. I called mine Underwater Photo Presets.

4)  You can now drag your new presets into this folder. Note that if you downloaded my underwater photo presets, you will need to unzip the file and open the folder to reveal the actual .lrtemplate files. You'll notice that they have grey icons with Preset and LR written on them.

5)  Once you see the presets in the new folder (screenshot above), you'll all set. Close this folder and the Lightroom Preferences box. Time to apply the presets!

6)  In the Lightroom Develop module, select a photo you would like to start editing. In the left column, you'll see the new Underwater Photo Presets folder in the Presets panel. Click to open the folder and you'll see the macro and wide-angle presets. Click either preset and you'll notice 1) that the image becomes much more vibrant, and 2) that a number of the sliders in the right column have been automatically adjusted.

7)  Remember, presets are a general starting point. Now you're free to customize the edit to the specific image!

Want some One-on-One editing help?

I frequently do in-person and skype tutorials on post-processing, as well as constructive image critiques. I can even help you create your own set of Lightroom presets!  Email me anytime with questions.

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